A visit To The Airport In Cambodia

  Renelle I accompanied my older sister to phnom penh international Airport. We had gone there to fetch her husband who was retuning home from America.
  After parking  her car at the car park. we descended  states to the ant val level. There were many people there.
  Her husband's flight was dun at 10.00 am it was still early, so we want to the departure level near here. There were even more people there. Crowds gathered at the check-in counter. Yet others were either sitting or stand around. Traveler pushed their baggage toward security check-point. All in all the whole place was in a hive of activity.
  We looked the monitor board that inculcate the arrivals and departure. I also looked at the many clocks that inculcate the various time around the world.
  On the left of the arrival level there was a restaurant and the place to watch the zero plane take off and land.
we ate and drank at the restaurant


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