Ratanakiri Province in Cambodia

Rattanakiry is one of the provinceRattanakiry is one of the provinceRattanakiry is one of the province

Rattanakiry is one of the province at North-East of Cambodia. We can go there by airplane or taxi but the way goes there is very difficult. If we want to go there we should go during dry season, because this season is easy to go than the rainy season. We have to go throw four province before we arrive there such as Kandal, Kampong Cham, Kratie and Steung Treng. The indigenous are very friendly and love people low land. The weather at there is cool all the time that it is easy for living and farming. Some for the people plant coffee, coin, rambutan, soursop, jackfruit, and rubber for internal and external market. The price of goods is expensive because they import it from others provinces, city or the nearest country such as Vietnam or Phnom Penh. Beung Kanseng resort is small lack with good view. The title is Ork Beung Kanseng. Beung Yeak Lom resort is the beautiful place for tourism from everywhere. Water of this lack is blue like the sea water, but is not salty.
Other place is Phnom Svay. In Kachoun  area has a lot of the indigenous ancestors’ grave that the foreign tourists want to see that place is along the Sesan River.

Rattanakiry is one of the provinceRattanakiry is one of the provinceRattanakiry is one of the province


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    When me return in Spain, my husband died in a accident. For me Cambodia is the last marvellous travel with my husband, but it's more!
    Ratanakiri, Mondolkiri,Cambodia is more than Angkor!!!Tourists should take more time to visit all Cambodia and meet the wonderful people who live here!
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