Flood Water in Cambodia

Cambodia picture Flood waterCambodia picture Flood waterCambodia picture Flood waterCambodia picture Flood water
Flood Water : Many countries in the world are facing natural disasters including flood water , volcano explosions ,earth quakes, droughts ant famines. The disaster which worries people is flood water because it has several bad influences on the people. Last year was a bad year for people who live in some districts in Kampong Speu ,having flood water . Before it happened The sky had been very dark , and soon it had rained a lot for nearly two days. At the Same time, the wind had been blowing and a lot of houses and trees had been fallen down. Suddenly. There was water every where and most of the houses were under the water, so the people must have escaped from the flood of the hills. Most of their pet animals died in the disaster. Furthermore nearly all of their crops were damaged during the flood water.The worst thing is that some people died both old people and children. After the rain stopped, the government and non-organizations came to help the people. Tents, rice, food, medicine and other things were sent to help people. in my conclusion ,I think the people were really unlucky that was a tragedy for the people.


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